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Let every facet of your artistry come to life with The Nail Playlist Box Set.

This Limited Edition Box Set gives you everything you could ever want to spark creativity for both you AND your guests.  The Nail Playlist comes with nine beautifully curated gel colors, as well as three temperature controlled magnetic gel colors!! On top of that you'll also receive a mountain of adorable goodies to create and display your Nail Playlist dream-board. Graph paper stylized swatch board, a full set of swatching pebbles, washi masking tapes, deco sticker photos, nail decals, glitters, and a pair of pointed tweezers!


Your Nail Playlist is endless!  #nailplaylistdreamboard


This collection includes 12 shades. 1 each of FW215, FW216, FW217, FW218, FW219, FW220, FW221, FW222, FW223, FW224, FW225, and FW226.

-Viscosity Level 2


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